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Show Some Life with OMG Gems Emerald


As we experience the first few days of 2015, we look into the different predictions this year brings. This includes the lucky zodiac signs, lucky colors, even the lucky gemstones. For 2015, GemSelect explains that soft and cool neutral" colors are in for 2015, one of which is the lovely Emerald.



Photo by Jim H. via Flickr


OMG presents another gem in their OMG Gems collection, OMG Gems Emerald, one of the most common and loved gemstones of all time.  Emeralds come in the shade of green and may even be more valuable than diamonds depending on their size and cut.


The name of this gem is derived from the Greek word ‘smaragdos’ which literally means green gemstone and has been existent even around the Incan empire. According to the Holy scripture of the Indians, the Vedas, Emerald is a gem that brings good luck and can heal. This made emeralds highly valued in ancient times. On top of this, Emerald is the birthstone of those born in the month of May. The color of Emerald, green is strongly associated with life, love, and beauty. It is believed to be the gem of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love.


OMG Gems Emerald, being elemental shows freshness and never monotony. This nail polish color is best paired with blue. The combination of both colors presents a match made by the heavens because it represents the blue skies and the greenish earth. You could also match green with red. Why not? It speaks of Christmas and everyone loves Christmas, don’t they? If you do not have any blue or red outfit, you could stick to neutrals. Neutrals include warm and cool shades of grey, beige, and the like.


Emerald 2


OMG Gems Emerald is a sparkling bluish-green shade but unlike real gemstones, you do not have to worry about getting robbed. With OMG Gems Emerald on your fingertips, you will definitely feel life running on your veins. You could wear this shade during formal events like an award's night, even on Christmas Parties. This nail polish is excellent for accents on nail art.


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