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What Does your nail shape says about you?


Nail trends have evolved through the years but even if they come and go, we often stick to our favorite nail shape. Well OMG Girls, did you know that our go-to nail shape says a lot about us?

In an article originally published by , they explained how each nail shape actually translates about a person's personality.


Trend: 19th Century

The "faithful one", this nail shape rose to fame during the era of scientific discoveries and innovation. A soft and diluted version of the pointed/stilleto, this nail shape has a modern taste yet with a classic appeal.  A person  who loves sporting this shape is someone who is honest and kind who has a knack for creativity and has vivid imagination. Quality is very important to them thus making them perfectionists with low-tolerance to things  that are usually not aligned with their vision. Choose this cut if you have a wider nail bed as its shape elongates our fingers. Just make sure not to grow nails longer than a centimeter or it could look cheap and tacky.



Trend: 1925-1950s

Oval-types are simple both as a person and in style. As oval nail shapes emerged during the era war(WWII), it's low-maintenance yet still very rustic and classy. It's best for those with natural long nail beds and lovers of loud colored polishes. If you're a "jeans and T-shirt kind of girl" who still loves the occasional heels, this is the shape for you.

SQUOVAL (square-oval)


Trend: 1950s-1960s

The trend for all-around fashionistas! Lover of squoavals are those who are usually a follower of latest fashion trends who loves the status quo. A combination of the round and square types, this manicure plays in the border of both simple and glamorous style which fits to any type of nail bed. Wide nails? Lean on to a slightly more rounded shape. Thinner nails? Make it square-ish. Squoval is officially a wear-anywhere shape for girls who loves experimenting with their style.



Trend: 1970s-1990s

The best canvass for the experimental types. Square-types values both the vintage and modern taste. They are usually the serious and persevering types who doesn't mind getting out of their comfort zones. The square nails is less subtle than the almond or oval-based shapes, so it's suited for nail art aficionados who loves playing loud colors. Just make sure to avoid making nails look shorter by filling the sides of your nails to make them look long and elegant. However, stay away if you have either a narrow nail bed or wider nails, or it will just look like unflattering.



Trend: 1990's-present

The queen of all the classic nail shapes. Most girls have worn this style for years and some of them most likely got stuck with the same style. Round types are usually those who favor timeless pieces over trends. This shape suits most nail types and complements most polish shades. This nail trend is also a good trick to make big hands a little bit smaller.

So which nail shape personality are you? Would you like to maintain your go-to nail shape or experiment with different trends and evolve in style? OMG Nails will provide the best tools for you. Check our nail file collection and clippers!



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